Digital Advertising Tips During a Pandemic

Although digital is our new world, advertising online needs competent strategies.

Follow the Audience

Just because a social site is the most populated does not mean it is the best site for your business. You need to rethink how you approach account creation and where to start. Else, you will be building castles in thin air.

Watch Where Your Traffic Goes

To turn website visits into sales, you have to drive in the right traffic and keep them around. There are several reasons why websites lose traffic, but very few people talk about how ad and social placements contribute to this. If the minute a new visitor lands on the site you redirect them to social media, you might have lost close to 40% of your chances of making a sale. Social media can have several other distractions.

Personalize and Optimize

Make people relate to your posts both on social media and on your website. This is the only way they’ll be emotionally attracted to your brand. Optimizing then ensures you are reaching out to the right people for maximum returns. Analytics gives practical insights on what’s working or otherwise.