Facts on Great Advertisers in the Industrial Revolution

Whether you call them advertisers or marketers, salesmen played these roles and more in determining how people viewed a product in the early ages. These three pioneering names played a significant role in what we know to be advertising today.

Daniel Dafoe (1660-1731)

This was a man who often got into trouble for publishing daring information about the government. His significant works revolved around political pamphlets and essays. He soon became a pioneer of economic journalism.

Mather Bolton (1728- 1809)

The steam engine duo was made of Bolton and James Watt. It was Bolton’s publication that brought the engine to the mass market. The opportunity came as a form of chance after Joe Roebuck defaulted on a debt owed to Bolton. The collaboration was a unique picture of what makes business partnerships successful.

Josiah Wedgwood (1720-1795)

Mr Wedgwood was a potter who wanted to be known for more, not just royal patronage. This is why he set up showrooms in growing cities such as Dublin and Liverpool where the middle-class couldn’t wait to behold the Queen’s Ware. He used marketing strategies such as mailing lists, catalogs and even free delivery services to actualize his mission.