Amazing Facts on Periods of Advertising

The best way to visualize advertising’s dynamic move over centuries is through its clustered periods. These five ages make better elaborations.

Carvings and Writings in the Antique Period

Since technology was limited in the first trade markets, sellers only had their voices and different visual tactics to spread information. The first written advertisements have their roots in Egypt. It is dated 3000BC. The next evidence of ancient advertising was found in Pompeii archives as writing on a wall.

Printing Revolution in the Middle Ages

Print revolution is best identified with the Chinese older markets, the likes of the Chinese Tang Dynasty and its vast market and the Northern Song. Businessmen in the Tang Dynasty were to trademark their products for government monitoring, controlled advertising, and quality compliance.

Mass Media and the Industrial Period

The 1600s and the 1700s saw a massive increase in information spread through print especially newspapers and magazines. The first newspaper appeared in 1605 and the first magazine in 1731. Oxford gazette, later London Gazette became one of the official government information centres in 1665. When advertisers became rampant, newspaper prices went down to reach the common citizen.

Radio and Television in the Machine Period

By the time machines such as the radio and the television were coming along, advertising had already become a central business focus. Therefore, it was easy for these media forms to spike advertisement impacts.

The Digital Era in Advertising

People thought they had reached the peak of advertisement until the internet proved otherwise. The worldwide web became the first move into online advertising. Online banners were the earliest forms of internet advertisements. Social media advertising then became a significant focus.